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So how did it all begin?

After 12 years together, Osher had decided that it's time to propose to Lihie, his girlfriend.
Following the many productions that he had produced to happy couples, it was hard to raise the bar, as he had seen and done almost everything in this field, so he sought after a different thrill.
Surprisingly and in perfect timing, he received an e-mail from “Mitchatnim” (“Getting Married”) web site looking for “A couple willing to get married at a prime time reality show on channel 2”.
Out of several hundreds of couples, the Jacoby couple was found to be especially suitable due to the descriptions and presentations of how they planned the wedding ceremony, the high standard of the event and the entire production idea that Jacoby had planned.

Pretty quickly the couple realized that by willing to cooperate they would have to deal with two strict requirements:

1) A limit of 60 invitees.
2) All of the couple's wedding plans would have to take place in the three days prior to the wedding day at the quarter finals of “Hamitbach” (“The Kitchen”).
Following his dream wedding which became the production of a lifetime and was broadcast at prime time on channel 2 (with a 34% rating), Jacoby decided not to disappoint the rest of his friends and relatives and the couple conducted a “2nd wedding” to 800 guests which were stunned to find huge TV screens with a four minute clip from the real wedding, to the sound of the couple's original song of mutual oath, which Jacoby had written.

Needless to say, the event continued till the early hours of the morning, full of unique production ideas in the unique style of Osher Jacoby.

And yes, we can say full heartedly that there are infinite innovations, ideas and productions beyond imagination.

In your next event – we'd be challenged again and set a new standard for following couples!